The Best Type of Flooring for Every Room in Your Home

Whether you’re starting from scratch in a new construction, renovating your current home or remodeling a house you just moved into, the right flooring can transform a room into something both practical and beautiful. Every area of your home has its own unique challenges, so it’s important to find the perfect match - especially if you are thinking of selling your house in the near future!  


Modern Farm Kitchen


Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen in your home faces all of the elements over the course of a day: shoes covered in dirt, splashes from pots and pans, chairs scuffing back and forth and cans falling from the counter to the floor. You need high-performance durable flooring for your kitchen. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a stunning choice that can mimic the look of traditional tile, hardwood or even stone. It holds up beautifully in humid areas and is easy to clean. Engineered stone is another gorgeous option that’s perfect for high-traffic areas like the kitchen.  


Bathroom Flooring

While bathrooms don’t get as much foot traffic as the kitchen, moisture provides a constant threat to certain flooring materials. Splashes, drips and overflows can spell disaster for wood or stone flooring. Luxury vinyl tile is a fantastic option for bathrooms and laundry rooms, and it comes in a huge range of colors and styles. Engineered stone is another high-performance, beautiful flooring that offers the look of stone without the downsides. Want to prevent cold feet in the morning? Install an electric heater underneath the tile for a luxurious feel.

Living Room Flooring

Wood and engineered wood are timeless and perfect selections for living room and dining room flooring. Hardwood adds value to your home and can be refinished in the future before you need a flooring replacement. With so many solid wood and engineered wood options available, you have plenty of options to choose from that will match your design aesthetic. 

Basement Flooring

The basement is a versatile space that’s prone to flooding. If your basement floor, like many, is concrete and below grade, you should only look at flooring rated for installation on top of below-grade concrete. In most cases, vinyl floor is the best option. Vinyl flooring can stand up to humid conditions without becoming cold and uncomfortable like tile.

Choose the Right Floors for Your Home

If you are wondering what the right choice in flooring is for your home, feel free to reach out to me and I will be glad to put you in touch with some great local companies who do amazing work.  If you are thinking of selling and need some input or do's and don'ts make sure you let me know and I will be happy to give you some pointers.

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Article courtesy of A Plus Carpet and Flooring