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March 18, 2019

Farmland, Farmhouses, Farm Homes and Big Old Barns

Do you love Farmland, Farmhouses, Farm Homes and Big Old Barns as much as I do?  See pictures and listings below: 


Isn't there something special about being on a farm and seeing the a big old beautiful barn that has been well cared for or one that has been brought back to life?  I love seeing these old barns that have been renovated and show the pride that comes along with farming.  Take a look at this beautiful red barn with the American Flag waving proudly next to it.

Old Red Barn with American Flag


Even when you're driving down the road and you come upon a beautiful barn sitting on one of the Maryland Farms that is still operating, there's something special about it.  You can imagine all the work that has went on there over the years.  Everything the barn has been through and seen in it's lifetime.  I'm especially intrigued when I see a big quilt painted on a barn that's sitting up on the farm.  Not many will understand the pride that comes along with it.  I still have several friends today who live on farms in Maryland.  Some that are not in use any longer, but there are a good few who still operate their Maryland Farms that have been in their family for hundreds of years!! 

Maryland Farm with a Quilt and Windmill

The same Farm and Barn above with the quilt and windmill seems to have taken on a heavenly glow in the picture below...  There is something peaceful and heavenly about being out on the farm with nature anyway, but here it is really evident.  Just look at this breathtaking picture and imagine yourself calling a farm in Maryland like this home.

Heavenly Barn on Maryland Farm with Windmill and Quilt


I know what you are thinking - you don't want to live in a barn, so where are the actual Farmhouses?   Well, that's a great questions.  Farmhouses come in a large variety now days, so it really depends on what kind you like.  There are old farmhouses that need a lot of work, there are old farmhouses that have already been renovated and brought back to their glory and then there are newer builds that are sitting pretty on beautiful farm land.  As you will see below, these Farm Homes and Farmhouses come in all shapes and sizes.  It's not a one size fits all scenario by any means.

old renovated farmhouse               old farm house

Above: Old Renovated Porch Style Farmhouse and Old Farmhouse in need of Renovation

old brick farm house        very old farmhouse

Above: Beautiful Brick Farm House and Very Old Farmhouse in need of Renovation


If you are thinking how much you love farmland and beautiful open space, but you aren't much for the old farmhouses and it doesn't matter if they are renovated or not, then the house below might be perfect for you.  I call this more of a House on Farmland because it still gives you the beautiful Farm Land and the Big Old Barn in the back but you will have all the modern day comforts of a newer built home.  What more could you ever ask for??

house on farmland


I know what more you could ask for....  Some actual Farm, Farmland and Farmhouse listings here in Maryland.  If you click the link below, you will be taken right to them and you will see the most up to date list of Farms on the market here in Maryland.  All of these listings will have a minimum of 10 Acres, but not all will be able to qualify as a Farm.  Don't miss out and if you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to Call or Text Vince at 443-463-8709.  

** Click Link --> Maryland Farmhouse & Farm Homes on 10+ Acres <-- Click Link **


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Feb. 12, 2019

The Best Type Of Flooring For Every Room In Your Home

The Best Type of Flooring for Every Room in Your Home

Whether you’re starting from scratch in a new construction, renovating your current home or remodeling a house you just moved into, the right flooring can transform a room into something both practical and beautiful. Every area of your home has its own unique challenges, so it’s important to find the perfect match - especially if you are thinking of selling your house in the near future!  


Modern Farm Kitchen


Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen in your home faces all of the elements over the course of a day: shoes covered in dirt, splashes from pots and pans, chairs scuffing back and forth and cans falling from the counter to the floor. You need high-performance durable flooring for your kitchen. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a stunning choice that can mimic the look of traditional tile, hardwood or even stone. It holds up beautifully in humid areas and is easy to clean. Engineered stone is another gorgeous option that’s perfect for high-traffic areas like the kitchen.  


Bathroom Flooring

While bathrooms don’t get as much foot traffic as the kitchen, moisture provides a constant threat to certain flooring materials. Splashes, drips and overflows can spell disaster for wood or stone flooring. Luxury vinyl tile is a fantastic option for bathrooms and laundry rooms, and it comes in a huge range of colors and styles. Engineered stone is another high-performance, beautiful flooring that offers the look of stone without the downsides. Want to prevent cold feet in the morning? Install an electric heater underneath the tile for a luxurious feel.

Living Room Flooring

Wood and engineered wood are timeless and perfect selections for living room and dining room flooring. Hardwood adds value to your home and can be refinished in the future before you need a flooring replacement. With so many solid wood and engineered wood options available, you have plenty of options to choose from that will match your design aesthetic. 

Basement Flooring

The basement is a versatile space that’s prone to flooding. If your basement floor, like many, is concrete and below grade, you should only look at flooring rated for installation on top of below-grade concrete. In most cases, vinyl floor is the best option. Vinyl flooring can stand up to humid conditions without becoming cold and uncomfortable like tile.

Choose the Right Floors for Your Home

If you are wondering what the right choice in flooring is for your home, feel free to reach out to me and I will be glad to put you in touch with some great local companies who do amazing work.  If you are thinking of selling and need some input or do's and don'ts make sure you let me know and I will be happy to give you some pointers.

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Article courtesy of A Plus Carpet and Flooring

Aug. 22, 2018

Vince Damico August 2018 Issue Of American Lifestyle

Here is Vince Damico's August Issue of American Lifestyle Online Magazine - We Hope You Enjoy It

Keep your cool these last few weeks of summer.  If you can't take the heat, here are a few tips for you to keep cool.  Click the link below for some cooling-off tips, a fresh take on ice cream and a guide to water parks: 

** August 2018 Online Issue **




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May 16, 2018

Mother's Day or Mother's May? Celebrate Mom All Month Long

Mother's Day All Of May

Image via Pixabay

Why Not Cerebrate Mom All Month Long During May Instead of Just One Day?  Make Mother’s "May" Special With Some Tips Below 


The best Mother’s Day gifts don’t always start with a bow or breakfast in bed. Indeed, many moms appreciate effort and attentiveness more than anything else, and you can exhibit both by complete some simple do-it-yourself renovations or repairs that will make for a truly unique Mother’s May gift. And one of the many advantages of an effort-driven gift is that sometimes your biggest investment is a little time. 


Outdoor Oasis


For instance, if the mom in your world loves nothing more than curling up outdoors with a cup of tea and a good book on a sunny afternoon, why not clear a patio space that offers her a relaxing retreat in good weather? Add an inviting chair with a small table nearby to hold steamy mugs and accessorize with comfortable pillows covered in pretty, fade-resistant fabrics.


Clear and mulch garden beds, rake up any leaves, and remove dead plants so the mom in your life won’t be distracted by neglected yard chores, according to advice from the brokerage firm Redfin. Finally, wrap up a book she has on her reading list so she’ll have a reason to take advantage of her new nook right away.


Space to Stretch


Or, if she’d love to practice yoga without having to drive to a studio, consider creating a practice space by clearing out an underused room and introducing simple decor that creates calm. Start a home yoga room by donating or discarding unused items and finding permanent places for everything else so organizing will be easier going forward. Getting rid of unnecessary items will help you create a space dedicated to yoga, meditation and other healthy hobbies.


Once you’ve cleared clutter, you shouldn’t overwhelm the space with accessories, according to advice from Yoga Journal. But consider introducing a plant or two, investing in an oil diffuser or another aromatherapy tool, and otherwise identifying the space as a mom-centric relaxation zone. To cap off your effort, think about buying a yoga mat that coordinates with Mom’s new yoga nook.


Craft Corner


Or, if the mom in your life craves crafting space, consider creating an area that fosters her creativity. For instance, all it might take to transform a scruffy storage space or part of an office or extra bedroom into a crafting corner is a dedicated desk or other work table and an inexpensive bulletin board to outline ambitious plans.


Be sure to mount the board securely by drilling holes for anchors to keep the mounting screws in place. Cap off mounting screws with finishing washers to give the board a professional look. Add inspirational illustrations to get your loved one’s creative juices flowing. Then, you can present her with a collection of colored pens and pencils, perhaps packed as a traditional Mother’s Day gift as a store-bought signal of the DIY surprise.


If the mom in your life isn’t a bookworm, yogi, or crafter, the best part of gifts like these is that they are easy to personalize. If the lady you love is a consummate cook, why not set up a shelf in the kitchen with her most-used supplies on hand? Then invest in a cookbook from one of her favorite chefs so the whole family can enjoy the fruits of her hobby. Really, the possibilities for room revamps are only limited by your imagination and should be tailored to fit your favorite mom’s tastes.


And, of course, it never hurts to start your project with a house cleaning where Mom doesn’t have to lift a finger. So, get going and implement some of these ideas to give Mom a self-care space that will keep giving.  


If all the above doesn't work, then just Buy Mom a New House!!  Start Your Search Now 

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June 22, 2016

Sykesville Maryland Named America's Coolest Small Town

Sykesville, MD located in Carroll County has made all of America take notice!!  Sykesville has been named as America's Coolest Small Town and they are proud of it.

Travel guru's asked for nominations for coolest small towns with less then 20,000 residents that had a certain flare or something about it that gave it that little extra pizzaz.  After receiving all the submissions, Budget Travel narrowed the list down to 15 small towns and then the final voting went into the publics hands by way of online voting.  Sykesville came away with a landslide victory by getting 44.3% of the overall votes.  That is HUGE!!  

Downtown Sykesville

Below you will find some of the quotes from people who commented on why they loved Sykesville so much:

  • "Sykesville is the coolest small town I know and like to visit. They throw amazing events throughout the year at every season. The community as a whole is very close knit and welcoming..."
  • "It's a family friendly town with beautiful parks and playgrounds, lovely shops and wonderful restaurants. The history is rich."
  • "Sykesville Main Street has some of the most quaint buildings that look like buildings found in a model train set."
  • "Love how Sykesville makes you feel at home wherever you go and the people always treat you like family!!!"

The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development who encouraged citizens to vote in the contest captured the beauty and spirit of Sykesville in the following quote: 

"In a state full of small towns with charm, Sykesville stands out. Traversed by the B&O Railroad, which still passes through the town regularly, the town also boasts a beautiful view of the Patapsco River, along with a thriving main street that has given new life to the community as it rebounded from the recession. Along the town’s main street, visitors can find many independently-owned shops and restaurants. The town also pays homage to its railroad history through train rides for children, model train displays, and a restaurant located in the former B&O Train Station."

This is the second town in Maryland to earn this title in the past two years.  Berlin, MD earned the title in 2014.


Being a long time resident and Real Estate Agent of the Sykesville / Eldersburg area made this little victory even that much sweeter for me.  We are actually On The Map!!  Make sure you come and see for yourself how beautiful and Cool our little town actually is!!

* Photo of Sykesville by Acroterion, via Wikimedia Commons through GNU Free Documentation License


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